Citizens Committee to Complete the Refuge

Working for the protection of Bay Area wetlands


32+ years of experience

Margaret Lewis

How did I get involved with CCCR? 

It was long before there was CCCR.  A local real estate agent went around my neighborhood leaving fliers asking residents to write to the Corp of Engineers in favor of a golf course and housing development on Mayhews Landing.  I went to the wildlife refuge headquarters and asked staff what they knew about this.  They directed me to the South Bay Wetlands Coalition based in Palo Alto.  I attended a meeting and I think at that point a group was forming to work towards protection of south bay wetlands.  This sounded like a good idea to me and so I joined.

Identify if you lead or participate in another local group that is part of CCCR.2 Salt Harvest Mouse Rachel Hurt Tertes
I was a forming member of the local group Save Wetlands In Mayhew and have worked on projects with that group in the past.
What is my background and skills I bring to CCCR? 

A warm body and half a brain.  College degree and teaching credential.  Co-founder of a train newsletter (now a major publication), writer and photographer. Taught karate.  CCCR is on-the-job training.

How long have I been an active member of CCCR? 

Since April of 1985, before CCCR was born.1 Salt Harvest Mouse Robyn Boothby

How long have I held my current position on the board? 

Don't know; I think since the board was formed.  I was secretary before then because no one else wanted the job.

What is my favorite species at the Refuge? 

Everything.  All species are interconnected; not possible to single out one.  But there was a funny experience with a salt marsh harvest mouse that climbed up my leg inside my jeans.

What is the one project with CCCR that has been my greatest achievement?

Not one project in particular.  Working with a great group of people and learning from them. I have a couple of fliers from the early days.  Plus a slightly beat up bumper sticker and a special grocery bag.  I have early meeting notices and minutes (not my minutes) from the beginning of the "committee".