Patterson Ranch

Despite substantive concerns expressed by numerous members of the public, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the 2010 Environmental Impact Report, the Development Agreement, and the Proposed Project in October of 2010.  The City Council followed their recommendations and approved the project.  Problems still exist.  The current development proposal still includes development of lands to the west of Ardenwood Blvd. and development of 500 housing units to the east of Ardenwood Blvd.

Neighborhood schools in this area of Fremont have experienced chronic problems of overcrowding.  The Fremont Unified School District released a staff report in September 2010 that indicates if the Patterson Ranch development is built FUSD will be faced with overloading approximately 500 students (300 existing + 200 new) to other schools in the school district.

Detailed geotechnical studies have yet to be performed to determine whether the mitigation measures proposed to alleviate liquefaction are adequate.

An experimental technique to remove toxaphene from the soils in the residential development area are currently underway.  Members of the public expressed concerns regarding the efficacy of the remediation technique being tested.  Hopefully the Department of Toxic Substances will hold a public comment period regarding the remediation technique and will require analysis of the soils to determine if toxaphene breakdown products (some of which may also pose threats to healthI have adequately been removed from the soils.

It appears lands west of Patterson Slough will be donated to East Bay Regional Park District and may be incorporated into Coyote Hills Regional Park - we still don't know when this will take place.

Still unknown is the fate of approximately 50 acres to the west of and adjacent to Ardenwood Blvd.  Approximately 10 acres may be developed by two churches,  Approximately 40 acres may be transferred to the City of Fremont, and it is not clear what development if any will occur on the City's acreage.

There should be no development west of Ardenwood Blvd. to protect the sensitive on-site resources and those of the neighboring Coyote Hills Regional Park.  Of concern are the impacts associated with parking lot runoff, attraction of nuisance species, night-lighting impacts, noise disturbances, etc.

We will update the website as additional information becomes available regarding any new development proposals on lands west of Ardenwood Blvd., and if there are associated public comment periods, or if new studies on the land (e.g. geotechnical or soil remediation) are released.  So please check back from time-to-time.  You can view CCCR comments to the 2009 DEIR, the 2010 DEIR, and the Planning Commission.





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