Tribute to Janice Delfino 1926 - 2008


Janice Delfino, long-time advocate for wetlands, open space, and all the plants and creatures who live in these places, passed away in 2008.  We lost a dear friend, tenacious advocate, and one of our irreplaceable sources of institutional knowledge.  There are so many wonderful recollections we all have of Janice, we encourage all who knew her to send their special memories and we will post them on the website for all to enjoy.  We send our love to Frank, his sons, and daughters-in-law.

A ceremony and bench dedication in Janice's honor was held on Saturday,

November 22, 2008 at the Fremont Headquarters of the

Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Tribute in the July 2008 CCCR monthly mailing

So many people have fond memories of Janice and we want to share a few of them.

A tribute to Janice by Rick Coleman and family
Fond Memories of Janice  Delfino by Joelle Buffa and Clyde Morris
Janiceisms by Margaret  Lewis
Words  that come to mind (Carin High)
Tribute to Janice  Delfino by Andree Breaux Greenberg

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